General Information

Wat Nyanavesakavan offers pleasant scenery with a variety of plants and flowers, providing natural serene atmosphere and rendering its visitors with a true sense of tranquility and relaxation.  Such a natural setting conforms to the objective of making this monastery a supportive realm for those who arrive in search of wisdom and true understanding of Dhamma, as depicted in the name Nyanavesakavan – which can be translated as “the forest with an abode of knowledge” or “the forest where one enters the realm of wisdom,” since the truth of nature can be best studied in the environment that most closely resembles it.

In line with Buddhist principles, the daily religious routines of the Sangha of Wat Nyanavesakavan are comprised of; for example, the study and practice of the Buddhist teachings, preaching, and conducting Dhamma lectures and discussions.  Wat Nyanavesakavan grants permission for the dissemination of the contents and recordings of these activities in the form of Dhamma booklets and audio or video recordings to the wider public without any copyright charges.

Located in Bang Krathuek, Sam Phran District, Nakorn Pathom province, Wat Nyanavesakavan was officially granted permission to establish in 1989 with its first time of monk dwelling during the rain retreat (Buddhist Lent) in the same year.

Nyanavesakavan was officially registered as “Wat” (temple/monastery) in 1994 and was granted Visungamasima (a tract of land granted to the Sangha for consecrating as the site of the Uposatha hall[1] of a monastery) on September 20, 1999.  The monastery is affiliated with Mahanikaya Monastic Order of Thai Buddhism and has had Venerable P.A. Payutto (now as "Somdet Phra Buddhaghosacariya")[2] as its abbot since then.

Phra Buddhapradhan Nyanavesakavanodom is the title of the principal Buddha image in the Uposatha hall, which was casted at a foundry in Nakorn Pathom province on December 5, 1998 and was enshrined at the Uposatha hall on January 7, 1999. Laymen were allowed opportunity in gilding from 12 - 17 January with a religious ceremony held to celebrate the entirely gilded principal Buddha image on January 17, 1999.

[1] consecrated assembly hall

[2] one of the Thai ecclesiastical title offered as an honor to the monks of great benefits to Buddhism

The content of this site, apart from dhamma books and audio files, has not been approved by Somdet Phra Buddhaghosacariya.  Such content purpose is only to provide conveniece in searching for relevant dhamma.  Please make sure that you revisit and cross check with original documents or audio files before using it as a source of reference.