The Bhikkhu P. A. Payutto's Birthplace Museum was established by JatiBhumi P. A. Payutto Foundation with cordial contributions mainly from a group of appreciative locals in honor of Bhikkhu P. A. Payutto. The museum serves as a center of information about his biography and works. 

(See leaflet and map - in Thai)

49  Moo 3, Si Prachan Market, Tambon Si Prachan
Amphoe Si Prachan, Suphan Buri Province, Thailand
Telephone Number: 035-548-722

Operating hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Admission is free.

- Information for research purposes.
- A guide for groups will be provided upon request.
- Eduational activities

Exhibition:  First Floor
Bai Ratanagarn
The atmosphere of the "Bai Ratanagarn" shop in Si Prachan market is brought back, displaying the shop house selling special kinds of Thai- and Chinese- style clothing. This is a place where the Venerable was born and in whose neighborhood he was brought up. On display is his biography, depicting in particular his childhood and some later highlights in his life.
Sang Hang Saddha (The Light of Faith)
Some interesting stories of the venerable was presented through the faith and memories of many people.
Prateep Hang Dhamma (Candle of Dhamma)
A small reading room behind the house, in which some of the venerable's works are put on display for locals and visitors to study and appreciate.

Exhibition:  Second Floor
Vithee Hang Praj (Ways of the Sage)
Extracts from "Vithee Hang Praj," a book featuring various accounts of memorable experience and thoughts related to the Venerable by those around him, are projected in exhibition format each in its own flavour reflecting the Venerable's commendable personal nature and conduct - an example fit to follow.
Bumroong Wudhiraj (Nurturing people)
An old classroom of the high school in his neighborhood is represented.  It is the place where the Venerable’s mind is nurtured to become a great teacher.
Ngan Haeng Cheewit (Works of Life)
Some of his works – his books and transcriptions from his lectures or discussions – are presented as examples for interested persons to further their studies.

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