Vision of the Dhamma: A Collection of Buddhist Writings in English

  • "Peace Through Freedom and Happiness", speech delivered in Paris on the occasion of receiving the UNESCO’s Prize for Peace Education on December 20, 1994.
  • Foundations of Buddhist Social Ethics"
  • Tradition and Change in Thai Buddhism
  • Notes on Stupas and Other Sites of Pilgrimage
  • Thai Rituals and Festivals Connected with Buddhism
  • Vinaya: The Buddhist Monk’s Discipline
  • Applications and Meanings of the Term Dhamma
  • Samatha and Vipassana (Tranquility and Insight Meditations): Points of Distinction
  • Buddhist Motivations for Doing Good
  • The Conditioned Co-arising (Pañiccasamuppàda): A Simplified Version
  • Buddhism and Thai Culture
  • Some Sayings of the Buddha
  • Thailand Slide Lecture Set #1
  • Some Basic Concepts of Buddhism
รวมเล่มมาจาก - Foundations of Buddhist Social Ethics
- Tradition and Change in Thai Buddhism