Awakened Women: Surpassing Great Brahma

In terms of ultimate reality, the attainment
of stream-entry is far superior to being a
universal monarch, Sakka, Mara, or Brahma.
Universal monarchs, Sakka, Mara, and
Brahma are all unenlightened (with the
exception of some awakened individuals).
They are still spinning around on the wheel
of rebirth and they risk falling into the
hell realms. So from the perspective of
absolute truth, birth as one of these powerful
beings is practically meaningless. Indeed,
it is the attainment of stream-entry (up to
the attainment of arahantship) that gives
true meaning to life, is of ultimate importance, and is truly
precious. Anyone, regardless of gender, is able to realize such
attainment which marks true and genuine equality.

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