What are the recent works and dhamma lectures of Somdet Phra Buddhaghosacariya?

Dhamma Writings

Year 2016

- A Brief Introduction to the Buddha-Dhamma
- The Buddhist Discipline in Relation to Bhikkhunis
- Dhamma Study of the Newly Ordained Monks Episode 3

Year 2015

- Dhutanga: What to Do? Where? What for?
- Knowing and Understanding Tipitaka
- Dhamma Study of the Newly Ordained Monks Episode 2
- Meeting Phra Chai and Leaving for Wat Nyanavesaka

Year 2013-2014

- Wealth, Power, Vague
- Answers to the topics of Silabbataparamasa, Vinaya, and Mind Observance
- Dhamma Study of the Newly Ordained Monks Episode 1
- A General Study on Creating a Wise
- Buddhism as a Foundation of Science

 Year 2011-2013

- Thai Educational Philosophy, Buddha-Dhamma Section: Principles of the Study
- Yonisomanasikara – Buddha-Dhamma Way of Thinking
- Mind Healing and Well Awareness
- Developing Thai Society with the Understanding of Tebhumi
- Answers to Dr. Martin
- Four Duties of Thai Ladies
- Merit-Evil, Heaven-Hell are Our Choices
- A Perspective on Buddha-Dhamma
- Tilakkhana (The Three Characteristices)
- Paticcasamuppada (The Dependent Origination)
- The Ultimate Benefits of This Life
- Buddha-Dhamma: An Extended Version
- Chronology of Buddhism in World Civilization
- Turning Harsh Criticism into Advantages
- Buddhist Important Days
- Improving the Human Development System
- Solving the Future Problems Now
- Tipitaka is Here
- Advice to the Scholars
- Enhancing Admirable Characters to Thai Children
- A Brief Introduction to the Buddha-Dhamma
- Dependent Origination: The Buddhist Law of Conditionality

Dhamma Talks

Year 2011-2013

- The Right Dhamma Practice
- Buddhism as a Foundation of Science
- The Study on Buddhist Wisdom Vol.1-8
   Vol.1 Principles of the Study
   Vol.2 Wisdom: The Main Principles
   Vol.3 The Study in Practice
   Vol.4 Way of Life, Society, and Development
   Vol.5 IT Society As Led By The Study
   Vol.6 Parents’ Roles
   Vol.7 Buddhist Principles: From Buddhist Days and Traditions
   Vol.8 Knowledge and Awareness of a Buddhist

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