Paṭiccasamuppāda : The Buddhist Teaching on Dependebt Origination

'Monks, the instructed noble disciple has a knowledge about
this that is independent of others: 'When this exists, that
comes to be; with the arising of this, that arises'... When a
noble disciple thus understands as they really are the origin
and the passing away of the world, he is then called a noble
disciple perfected in view, perfected in vision, who has arrived
at this true Dhamma, who possesses a trainee's knowledge,
a trainee's true knowledge, who has entered the stream of the
Dhamma, a noble one with penetrative wisdom, one who
stands squarely before the door to the Deathless.' (s. I1. 78-9)
Cover Image: The Buddha. Courtesy of the Jittakornthai Group

Renamed from Dependent Origination: The Buddhist Law of Conditionality
คุณโรบิน มัวร์ (Robin Moore)
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