What should and shouldn’t be offered to the monks?

There are many ways of merit making: giving(things, advice, knowledge, dhamma, time, or pardon); observing precepts(abstaining from hurting and killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, swearing, malicious speech, frivolous talk, and intoxicants causing heedlessness); and mind cultivation(mental and intellectual development through dhamma study and talks, mind observation, and right contemplation on life).

As for Sanghadana(offering to the Sangha), the topic “Sappurisadana”  (gifts of a good man) has to be considered as follows:
1. to give clean things
2. to give nice things
3. to give at an appropriate time
4. to give proper and useful things
5. to give with discretion
6. to give regularly
7. to give with a calm mind
8. to be glad after giving

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